How to use the Simba app

Make the most out of your subscription!

Thursday 10 March 2022

Below are instructions for some of the most common actions our users take on our Simba Health mobile app. If you are still having any technical issues, let your health coach know via chat on the app or you can contact us at where we will be able to walk through the app with one of our staff members so you know where everything is!

Communicate with your coach

Instructions on turning on notifications with Simba app

Your coach is here for you as a knowledgeable, non-judgemental support system. You can interact with your coach by messaging them anytime on the Simba app. Make sure you have notifications turned ON for Simba so that you know when your coach is messaging you.

Book your coach call

Screenshot of Simba mobile app showing how to book a coach call

If you can book a call with your health coach, you will see this card with the button "Book now" on your Home tab. If you click the button, you will be taken to a range of available days and times to select from. Once you confirm a timing that works for you, you will receive a confirmation email as well as a calendar invite. If your plans change and you are unable to have your call, you can cancel anytime by messaging your coach on the Simba app.

Have your coach call

Your coach call will take place directly on the Simba mobile app. You do not have to download any additional software, or call any number. Just log into the Simba app when it is time for your call. You will see a button that takes you to your video call within the app.

See your health plan

Screenshots on how to view health plan on Simba app

To see all the available health plans your coach has prepared for you, go to the Plan tab on the Simba mobile app. You will be able to see the full versions of all your ongoing and completed health plans by clicking on them. If you cannot see a health plan yet (if it has been greyed out with a lock icon), that means it has not been made available yet. If any questions about your plan, please message your health coach directly.

Track your weight, exercise etc

Instructions on how to set up activity tracking

You can track any of the following activity that impacts your health on the Simba app either manually or automatically (by connecting with your iPhone or Apple Watch): sleep duration, water intake, exercise sessions, daily steps, weight and mood. If any of your health plan involves monitoring any of the above, it is recommended that you set up ‘tracking’ for these items so that you can check your progress over time.

Tracking can help keep you accountable, and often motivates you to make daily decisions which will improve your health! Your coach also sees what you track, allowing them to gain insight into your activity and progress.

Save/bookmark our content

Screenshots showing how to save content and access saved content on Simba mobile app

We have plenty of useful health content on our mobile app that you can check out on our Explore tab. If you would like to save or bookmark any of them to read later, you can do so by clicking the Bookmark icon as shown in the image above. To see all your saved content, you just need to head to your profile by clicking on the icon on the top left hand corner of your Simba mobile app (it should either have the first letter of your name, or your profile picture if you have uploaded one). Under your profile, you will see a button to access all your saved content in one place.

To unsave anything, just click on the Bookmark icon again and this will automatically be removed from your list.

Unsubscribe from Simba

Go to your Profile on the Simba app. Click on Settings and find Account Status (it should show as Active). Click through where you will find the button 'Delete account'.