How will Simba help me?

Simba combines health coaching, data and breaking longevity research to transform the way you age.

Currently, the average person spends the last 18 years of their life in poor health. Most of this decline is often seen as an ‘inevitable’ or ‘genetic’ consequence of ageing. However, various studies suggest that 80% of how you age is determined by lifestyle choices made in the 99% of your life when you’re often lacking expert advice and support.

Simba gives you that personalised support wherever and whenever you need it. You are paired with your own expert health coach who identifies the changes you can make to improve your health, and gives you the knowledge, tools and motivation to attain these health goals.

Does Simba work?

Simba works. 75% of users reported positive health outcomes such as decrease in weight, and improvements in mood, quality of life and chronic issues such as back pain, and fatigue.

There’s also extensive research - including by the NHS - to show that pro-active health coaching is effective in creating short-term and long-term health benefits: here, here and here.

How do I work with my coach on Simba?

You will schedule a 30-minute kickoff call via Zoom with your health coach so that you can get to know each other, and discuss your preferences and goals.

Based on your first health goal, your coach then builds a new 4-week personalised health plan for you. You are supported through your plan by your coach. They will check-in on your progress, and respond in real-time if you need adjustments to your plan, or have any questions.

Every 4 weeks you’ll get a new health plan, so that you can keep progressing through your health goals one at a time!

How can I track my progress?

You can track activity that impacts your health (like sleep, steps, exercise etc) on the app either manually or automatically by connecting with any existing wearables. Your coach will also check-in with you regularly to see how you are progressing on your plan.

Can I use Simba with an existing health condition?

Yes. Personalised isn’t just a buzzword for us - your coach builds your plan from scratch, and makes sure it accommodates your ability, existing health conditions and preferences. If you have a health condition or injury, please disclose this in your health survey. Otherwise, you can also raise it in your kickoff call with your coach so they can discuss it with you.

How does the 14-day trial work?

Start your free 14-day trial by signing up for a Simba monthly or yearly plan. There’s no obligation to stay subscribed, and you'll only be charged on the day the free trial ends.

During your trial, you will have full access to Simba, including unlimited support from your coach and have the option to cancel your trial at any time before it ends.

We will email you before your free trial ends to remind you.

Are Simba coaches real?

Your Simba coach is a real person who’s on hand to support you whenever you need it.

They are qualified experts in a health-related field such as nutrition, exercise physiology or psychology.

Don’t take our word for it - you’ll get a chance to meet them when you have your video kickoff-call in your first week of joining Simba!

What’s included in my Simba Health subscription?

  • 30-minute kickoff call with your Simba health coach
  • New tailored plan every 4 week to work on your most important health goals
  • Unlimited messaging with your coach - no more guessing what works for you, just ask!
  • 1-on-1 feedback and support on your plan from your coach
  • 100s of curated exercises, articles and recipes for long-term health

Can I cancel my plan?

You are free to cancel your Simba subscription at any time. To cancel, message your coach or contact us at hello@simba.health or 02080365533. Once you have cancelled your plan, no further payments will be taken.

If you cancel during your free trial, you will not be charged.

When will my payment be taken?

For a monthly plan, your monthly subscription payment will be take on the same day each month. For example, if you sign up for your free trial on March 5th, then your first subscription payment will be taken on April 5th, and the next on May 5th and so on.

For a yearly plan, your yearly subscription payment will be taken on the same day each year after your free trial has expired. For example, if you sign up for your free trial on March 5th, then your first yearly subscription payment will be taken on April 5th this year, and then on the same date every year.

How much time does Simba take?

Simba is designed to fit into your schedule - not the other way around! Your coach designs your plan based on what’s realistic for you and can make changes if necessary to accommodate your busy life. All the other Simba resources are available for you to dig into whenever you like.

Do you provide medical advice?

Simba Health is built with insights from leading medical specialists, longevity research centers and experienced professionals in nutrition, fitness and behaviour change. However, we are not a replacement for the evaluation and opinion of a doctor or healthcare professional.